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File Sizes Added

Posted: 12/6/2005

The size of each zip file is now available on the site. Simply mouseover the Download button of each image and the size of the downloadable zip file will appear in the title text. Thanks for your feedback thus far.

Download Counter Enabled

Posted: 12/2/2005

Some of you may have noticed some issues with the zip files for the past 30 minutes or so. I was installing a download counter for Mint (the stats application used on this site). Everything is working properly now and downloads are now being counted so that I can gear the future photos toward what is currently the most popular downloaded genre.

The script only captures the name of the zip file and the number of times it has been downloaded. It does not capture any personal data. Thank you for your patience.

FAQs Updated

Posted: 12/2/2005

We’ve made some minor edits to our FAQs to better explain some things regarding the site. We’ve also added 3 banners (88×31) for you to download and put on your own site to help support and promote our free resource stock photo resource.

TextureKing.com Is Open

Posted: 12/2/2005

We are very proud to finally get the doors open to this stock photo resource. Our initial photo upload consists of just under 100 textures sorted into several categories. If you have any questions we suggest reviewing our FAQs and Legal Mumbo Jumbo on the homepage. Enjoy