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Texture King FAQs

Are the photos really free?

Yes they are. Free for how ever you wish to use them (see Legal Mumbo Jumbo in the footer for more information).

Are the photos edited in any way?

Yes and no. The files are converted from RAW and resized to 1600×1200 pixels. Other than that, there is no additional editing done on the photos.

Why are the photos zipped?

Well, it’s quite simple really. In previous projects similar to TextureKing, I’ve found that there are a lazy few out there that like to hotlink to the larger file sized images. That really eats up bandwidth quicker than you’d think. This additional step of zipping up the larger photos will help keep those costs down.

How can I support TextureKing?

It’s easy, spread the word about our great site by downloading one of our buttons (below). If you really want to say thanks for the images we provide for free, buy one of our shirts.

Your buttons don’t really fit the look of my site. Can I have your logo to build my own or edit one of yours?

Sure thing. Feel free to edit the buttons as you see fit, or grab the logo from the masthead above.

Can I submit photos to TextureKing?

At this time, no. But soon, the opportunity will be made available for the site’s users to be able to upload their own textures.

Can I advertise on TextureKing?

Absolutely. TextureKing is a quickly growing archive for free stock photo textures with a rapidly increasing visitor base and download rate. You can view our advertising packages here. All ads submitted will go through a brief review process prior to addition into rotation. Once your ad has been approved you will receive a PayPal link to complete the transaction. After payment is received your ad will be up and running.

How was this site built?

Texture King runs on WordPress with some small tweaks here and there to get it just right for my purposes. At this time, the theme for the site is not available for download.